One Sock Team - software developer, the monopolist in the ridiculous names, is permanently looking for employees.

We propose:

  • Full or part-time employment.
  • Wages in dollars, euros, yuans, hryvnas or bitcoins.
  • The comfortable chair, the strong table, the computer with buttons.
  • Mineral water “Morshynska Slabogazovana” in unlimited quantities.
  • Darth Vader poster.
  • Superpower to grow a huge beard.

Necessary Skills

  • The ability to think fast and learn quickly.
  • Knowledge of Python and JavaScript.
  • Experience with relational database PostgreSQL or MySQL.
  • Knowledge of MV * Django framework.
  • Ability to use version control systems.
  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS.
  • Experience with Unix-like OS.
  • Ability to express your thoughts on at least two of the three languages - Russian, Ukrainian, English.


  • Experience of work with alternative Django MV* frameworks, f.i. Flask and Pyramid.
  • CoffeeScript.
  • Knowledge of Backbone.js, Ember.js, Angular.js or other MV*-framework for single page application implementation.
  • Experience of work with Layout processors like LESS or SASS, Bootstrap or Foundation frameworks.
  • NoSQL.
  • Test Drive Development.
Standard format for CV is pdf. Also rtf and odt is acceptable. But don't send CV in doc and docx, please. It's bad practices.
File uploaded. Thank you for your response!